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Isabelle Melançon
24 May 1985
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Welcome to the PANELS! This journal is an bunch of anecdotes from my life in comic form, mixed in with fandom, illustration work and comic pages from my ongoing projects.

I'm currently working as a tech support agent in a small firm, while doing small illustration contracts and art exhibits in various galleries on the side.

If you like my art, please visit my webcomic, Namesake (www.namesakecomic.com).

I laso have a few printed comics, mainly my books ROSE and Psychopompes (planned release in 2011).

I'm also a gemini, kinda short, addicted to plushies, animation, food and fairy tales. I read European comics, American comics and manga. I'm a Quebecoise (French-Canadian), so please excuse my sometimes idiotic grammar!

I'm very friendly, sarcastic and random. But I welcome new friends with open arms.

Other then that, welcome, and may the force be with you.

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