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28 February 2012 @ 06:51 pm

Drew some stuff relating to My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic.

This week, I am basically a wet towel on the floor while i'm at home and a robot while at work. I only get a half-day off this week due to the fact that i'm trying to balance out school classes and that people at the bookstore need me to come in an extra day. So yeah. This week is going to be heavy. But next week is going to be easier, and mostly empty, so it's all good! Next week will be full of sleeping in late, I can tell you that! I also need to start reconnecting with people slowly. Every time I go hermit because of a project, I kinda stop chatting with people on the phone, in person and on the web. It's normal, considering the project takes up all my time, but I still feel like a jerk for ignoring people for a couple of weeks.

I still generally feel tired and depressed, but whatever, like the rest, it's going to pass. I kinda feel like I did after the university finals. Strange, familiar feeling this is. But pretty much all my stuff for TCAF is ready, Meg takes care of the book editing and I can slowly do commissions. Woo!

I may be overworking myself too much lately. I read a couple of my old entries and they pretty much all go "so tired, can't go on, what the heck?". Either i'm very whiny, or too much of a workaholic. 

I really want to read something good with werewolves in it. Every book I seem to pick up on the theme is terrible. Any one knows some good ones?

I also picked up the graphic novel for "Friends with Boys" and it rocks. Got a copy as a birthday present for my Namesake partner in crime, Meg. Seriously guys, do yourself a favor and check out the online version. It's awesome.

- Isa
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